Tipping Rain Gauge


Tipping Rain Gauge


SKU: SEN-126 - Mfg Part Number: 000168


This tipping rain gauge is the same sensor found in our Weather Meters set and can be used as a replacement part or as a stand-alone unit. These high quality weather proof sensors measure rainfall using a self emptying tipping bucket. Each 0.011″ / 0.2794mm of rain causes one momentary contact closure that can be recorded with a digital counter or microcontroller interrupt input.

The rain gauge has a long cable terminated with a 6P2C RJ11 connector. The cable can be connected directly to a RJ11 Breakout Board and hooked up on its own or to our Raspberry Pi Weather Board or SparkFun Weather Shield for Arduino.


  • Size: 14.8cm x 6cm
  • Height: 8.1cm
  • Cable Termination: RJ11 6P2C)
  • 0.011″ / 0.2794mm per contact closure


Recommended Accessories

RJ15 Breakout Board
Price: $3.95


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