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HDMI to VGA Adapter



This adapter has a HDMI plug on one end with a VGA and Audio output on the other. Great for hooking up a Raspberry Pi to a VGA input. The video works fantastic with a Raspberry Pi right out of the box. To enable the audio and customize the resolution, the /boot/config.txt file will need to be edited. The easiest way to do that is to insert the programmed Pi SD card into your computer and look for the config.txt file that is in the root directory of the SD card, edit it, and save it. The monitor will look best if you can set the HDMI output to the matching resolution so try that if you want a good looking display.


  • Adapter body: 45mm x 45mm x 15mm
  • Standard HDMI plug
  • Cable tail: ~6″ / 150mm long
  • Standard DB15 VGA socket

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