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Manufacturer:          Yueran
Manufactured In:       China
Mfg Part Number:        YR-034A
Warranty & Returns
Warranty Policy:     30 Day Warranty
Return Policy:      14 Day Unopened / Unused

Ceramic Screwdriver – Flat 0.9mm YR-034A



Ceramic screwdrivers are extremely useful to have around the workbench. These are specifically designed for tuning and adjusting electrically sensitive equipment as they are anti-static, non-conductive, and anti-magnetic.

This specific size is a Flat 0.9 – we use these for adjusting tiny multi-turn trim pots – no need to power down to make an adjustment! They are also ideal for adjusting components in high frequency circuits.

These should not be used in place of conventional screwdrivers as they are not designed for the load that a tight screw will put on the softer ceramic material.


  • Type: Flat 0.9mm
  • Ideal for adjusting components in high frequency circuits
  • Non-conductive
  • Anti-static, Anti-magnetic

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