Adafruit DRV8833 DC/Stepper Motor Driver Breakout Board


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The DRV8833 is a popular motor controller chipset. It features two full H-bridges and can handle motor voltages ranging between 2.7V and 10.8V and sustained current of up to 1.2A per channel (although the current limit has been set to 1A). The current limiting function can be disabled or changed as needed. The chip can handle very short periods of time at 2A when the limit is disabled.

Adafruit puts this chipset on an easy to use, breadboard friendly, breakout board with a few little extras including a polarity protection FET on the motor voltage input. The chip has internal kickback diodes to prevent damage caused by the kick generated by inductive loads like DC motors.

The two full H-bridges (four half bridges) can be used to drive two bi-directional DC motors or a single stepper motor. Just be sure they are rated for less than 1.2A. There are two digital inputs per H-bridge (one for each half of the bridge), you can PWM one of the inputs to control motor speed. Runs at 2.7V-10.8V logic/motor power. The motor voltage is the same as the logic voltage, but logic voltage from 2.7V or greater will work so no need to worry if you are powering the motors from 9V and using 3.3V logic.


  • Motor Voltage: 2.7V-10.8V
  • Continuous Current: 1A per channel
  • Two full H-Bridges
  • Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 3mm / 1 x 0.7 x 0.1″
  • Logic Voltage: 2.7V-10.8V
  • Max Current: 2A (limit disabled)
  • Built in Current Limiting
  • Weight: 1.5g


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