5V Active Buzzer


5V Active Buzzer


SKU: BZZ-008


Unlike many buzzers, this “active” buzzer has its own internal tone generator – meaning there is no complicated microcontroller or external electronics required to make noise! Simply apply ~5VDC to this buzzer on the positive leg, and ground the negative leg, and it will buzz. The tone is continuous as long as power is applied. If you wish to control this with an Arduino or other microcontroller, we recommend using a transistor as it draws up to 25mA (more than a pin on the Arduino can handle)


  • Frequency: 2.3kHz
  • Current: up to 25mA
  • Breadboard compatible
  • Operating Mode: Single Tone
  • Voltage Range: 3.5 – 5.5V
  • Input Type: DC

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