10 Wire Mini Grabber to Female Pin Cable – 150mm


10 Wire Mini Grabber to Female Pin Cable – 150mm




Sometimes prototyping or troubleshooting means working with odd-ball components that might not fit in a breadboard or may already be soldered in place. It can be a pain to get them wired into a circuit, especially when it might only be needed for a moment. That is where these jumpers come in handy! The cable has 10 x 28AWG conductors; each with a colourful spring loaded mini-grabber on one end, and a female square compatible socket on the other. The mini grabbers are ideal for hooking onto IC legs and other small components, even when they are already installed in a circuit board. The female sockets fit on all types of standard 2.54mm breadboard pitch header.


  • Cable Length: 150mm
  • Wire Gauge: 28AWG

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