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New Product Roundup – September 21st

It’s the weekend again, and that means we are back with another edition of our New Product Roundup. This week we have four new products to share (three of them being our very own designs) and a new product of the week!

New Products
First up this week we have a new 100 x 50mm “breadboard style” proto board (perfboard with interconnected rails and rows like a solderless breadboard). This new board is slightly larger than our 1591B and features interconnected rows of 6 pins wide for those projects needing just a little more space. Next up, we have a new version of our 4 Channel Relay Breakout. This board has been updated to feature isolation routing, but is otherwise functionally identical. Sticking with our own designs – we also have a new add-on for the BBC micro:bit – the speaker:bit. This amplified 3” speaker with adjustable volume is perfect for exploring the audio capabilities of the BBC micro:bit. Finally, we have a common cathode 7 Segment Display in Red. This is excellent for adding a basic numeric output to a project.

Product Of The Week – 30% Off!
Product of the Week is our Electrolytic Capacitor Pack. When prototyping or repairing circuits it is always a good idea to have a bunch of random electrolytic capacitors around – this kit has 16 common values. 30% Off until Friday at midnight – so don’t miss out!

100 x 50mm Proto Board

This medium sized perfboard measures 100 x 50mm and features 4 mounting holes in each corner. This perfboard has interconnected rails and rows just like a solderless breadboard, saving quite a bit of wiring over a standard perfboard. There are 6 horizontal power rails; each pair of full length rails is separated by vertical rows of 6 pins. This familiar format makes for an easy transfer of a prototype circuit on a breadboard to a much more permanent shield.

4 Channel Relay Breakout

Need to drive high current or high voltage devices with your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other 3.3V / 5V logic compatible circuit, microcontroller, or single board computer? This premium 4 channel 10A relay breakout board can handle it! Each relay has the Input, Normally Open, and Normally Closed contact broken out to a nice 5mm pitch screw terminal.


The speaker:bit is an all in one speaker and amplifier designed and manufactured right here at BC Robotics! This 3” speaker add-on for the BBC micro:bit is powered by a 2.5W mono amplifier and will really belt out your tunes. Simply connect the speaker:bit to your BBC micro:bit with alligator clips and that’s it! The volume can be adjusted via the trim potentiometer on the left side of the board.

7-Segment Display – Red

These simple, bright red displays are perfect for adding an easy to read numeric output to a project. There are 4 digits and 4 decimal positions – so readings from 0.001 up to 9999 are possible. These displays are multiplexed, common-cathode so they are a great candidate for a shift register to save microcontroller pins.

New Tutorial!

Setting Up A Cron Job On The Raspberry Pi
Cron jobs are an easy way to schedule a script or program to run at specific dates and times in regular recurring cycles. In this tutorial we look at how to set one up on the Raspberry Pi. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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