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New Product Roundup – July 20th

It’s Saturday and that means we are back with another New Product Roundup! This week we have four new items in the catalogue and a new product of the week at 25% Off.

New Products
New to the catalogue this week: We start off with the replacement tip for the Xytronic LF-2900 Soldering Iron. We brought in a ton of these industrial grade soldering irons at a great discount – and there are a few left. So if you are looking for a new soldering iron – be sure to check it out! Sticking with the soldering theme, we also have a new Soldering Aid Kit – this set of 6 dual purpose tools features scrapers, trace cutters, parts pullers and just about everything you need for parts replacement, basic circuit board modification, and repair. Next up, we have another odd-ball product – the 220V version of our Hot Air Rework Station. These were shipped to us instead of the 110V Version by mistake. So if you have a 110V to 220V converter or happen to live where 220V is the norm – we have these on at a great price! And, finally, we have 18AWG Magnet Wire in 32’ spools. These are great for making your own coils, electromagnets, etc. If you have a suggestion for a product you think we should carry, always feel free to get in touch via the contact form on our contact page!

Product Of The Week – 25% Off!
Take advantage today with 25% Off our 0.3mm to 1.2mm Mini Drill Bit Sets! This promotion is available in store / online and ends Friday at midnight. A new product and a new discount arrive next Saturday!

Xytronic Standard Tip (for LF-2900)

This Xytronic replacement tip is used with B series compatible Xytronic Irons such as the LF-2900 Soldering Station. The “B01” type is a 1/32” Conical tip – the standard tip shipped with the LF-2900. This tip is well suited for general purpose soldering and general circuit board assembly with through hole components.

Pro’s Kit 6 Piece Soldering Aid Kit

Sometimes a repair on a circuit board requires a little more than a soldering iron. This tool kit has 6 dual purpose hand tools. There are two types of chip holder, a lever for lifting ICs and capacitors, a fork shaft for bending leads, two types of scraper, a needle edged lifter for flat ICs, a hook for pulling through hole components, a reamer for cleaning out through holes, a knife for cutting traces, and two brushes for cleaning.

Hot Air Soldering Rework Station – 220VAC Version

Every now and then we are shipped the wrong stuff – in this case we have a bunch of 220VAC Hot Air Rework Stations suited for 220V countries (rather than the 110V version we normally carry). So if you happen to have a suitable 220VAC converter or live in a country with 220V power this is an option at a great price!

18 AWG Magnet Wire – 32′

Magnet wire is solid core copper wiring with an “enamel” coating. Magnet wire can be for making custom coils, motors, generators, inductors, electromagnets, or transformers. This spool has 32’ of 18AWG copper wire with enamel coating.

New Tutorial!

Raspberry Pi Irrigation Control – Part 4
In the last part of this tutorial series we are going to look at installing our irrigation controller and some of the most common setups. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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