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New Product Roundup – May 11th

It’s Saturday and that means we are back with another New Product Roundup! This week we have five new items in the catalogue, a new tutorial, and a new Product Of The Week with 50% Off! Let’s go have a look!

New Products
New to the catalogue this week: We have a giant anodized aluminum heatsink measuring 40x40mm. Coincidently these are the exact same size as our Peltier elements – naturally, we had a bit of fun with fans and heatsinks seeing just how cold we could get a Peltier to go. In the Arduino category we released a new prototyping board for the Arduino Mega family of boards – the DevMega is designed here at BC Robotics and is a combination of solderable breadboard / Arduino Mega shield with a few solder jumpers to make things easier. Next up, was a snappy round On/Off button – these latching buttons are similar to the type you find in large flashlights and have large solderable tabs. We also added a new GT2 Idler Pulley – these have press fit bearings and are ideal for belt tensioners and idlers. Finally, we now have a 3 x 18650 battery pack. These take 18650 lithium batteries and connect three in series to provide a voltage of approximately 11.1V

Product Of The Week – 50% Off!
Take advantage today with 50% Off our Premium Female/Male Jumper Wires – 40 x 6″! This promotion is available in store / online and ends Friday at midnight. A new product and a new discount arrive next Saturday!

40 x 40mm Heatsink

These jumbo aluminum heatsinks are a bit big for single chips, but are ideally suited for Peltier Elements and other devices where a lot of heat needs to be wicked away! The heatsink has a footprint of 40 x 40mm and features a nice gold anodized finish.

Dev Mega – Arduino Mega Proto Shield

We designed this Arduino Mega shield to work like a prototyping strip board. Just like a strip board or a solderless breadboard, the pins are tied together into rails and rows in the Dev Mega. We have also broken out the three extra Serial Ports and I2C Port to convenient headers. These 4 pin headers give you power, ground, and data pins on one convenient connection. The headers are 0.100” / 2.54mm pin spacing, and compatible with a variety of connectors.

Round On/Off Button – Yellow

This simple single pole single throw (SPST) On/Off button will latch on when pressed. To shut it off, simply press it again and it will release. The switch has large, easily solderable, terminals and can handle 0.5A at 12VDC. The solder tabs can be folded to fit as needed.

GT2 Idler Pulley – 20 Tooth 5mm Bore

This GT2 timing pully has 20 teeth and is designed to be an idler in a belt system. Unlike a standard GT2 pulley, this one has a set of bearings pressed into the center bore. The bearings have a center bore of 5mm and allow the pulley to spin freely on a stationary shaft or bolt.

3 x 18650 Battery Holder

This battery case is a lot like our AA and AAA battery cases – it is just designed to fit the much larger (and incredibly common) 18650 Lithium cells. These batteries pack a ton of power for their size and are perfect for LED flashlights to autonomous robots. This case allows these cells to be securely mounted into a project with relative ease. This version holds 3 x 18650 batteries wired in series, with a voltage of ~11.1V.

New Tutorial!

Raspberry Pi Irrigation Control – Part 3
The third installment of our four part Raspberry Pi Irrigation Controller tutorial is now up. This tutorial covers writing a program that will run our solenoids for predefined times, read our sensors, and email us once it has finished running. We also look at scheduling this program to run using a cron job so you can adhere to local watering restrictions! Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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