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New Product Roundup – February 23th

Welcome back to our post-holiday short week edition of the New Product Roundup! We have a random assortment of small parts to have a look at, a quick reminder about the end of our shipping promotion, and a new product of the week – so lets jump to it!

New Products
Starting off this week we had a new set of Shield Stacking Headers for Arduino – these are ideal if you don’t need the 2×3 IDC header. Next we added a new GSM Antenna with a long cable and magnetic base. We also added a new type of 9V battery connector with 2.1mm DC Barrel Jack – these are perfect for Arduino! And finally, we added a new, larger, SPDT slide switch.

Product Of The Week
Product of the week is our 10 Wire Mini Grabber to Female Pin Cable – The small grabber ends are ideal for holding onto small components. 15% Off until Friday at Midnight!

Shipping Promotion
Just a few days left to take advantage of our $2.00 Light Packet Shipping promotion – this ends on February 28th at midnight! This economical shipping method is available for over 850 parts in our catalogue and best of all, it ships anywhere in Canada for the same low price! Want to know more? Check out our post here.

Basic Arduino Stacking Headers

This set of basic Arduino Stacking headers includes four breadboard pitch female connectors with extended male pins on the bottom. These extended male pins are compatible with the female sockets found on the Arduino Uno and compatible microcontrollers. The Female Sockets measure 8.5mm tall while the male pins measure 11mm long.

SM / Cellular Antenna with Magnetic Base

Sometimes an antenna directly attached to your board doesn’t work – maybe it is in a big metal box or you just need a better line of sight. This mini antenna has a 3 meter (~9’) long cable and features a magnetic base. The cable is terminated with SMA male head and is ideally suited to cellular applications in the 800/900/1200/1500/1800/1900 MHz range.

9V Battery Connector with Barrel Plug – Basic

This battery connector is for use with 9V batteries and features a 2.1mm DC barrel plug. The “center pin” of the DC barrel plug is positive and the outer barrel is negative meaning it is compatible with Arduino’s DC barrel jack.

SPDT Slide Switch – Basic

This panel mountable SPDT slide switch makes a great low power switch or two function selector for applications under 1 amp. The two outer pins are switched while the middle pin is “common”. We recommend soldering your wires to each tab.

New Tutorial!

Getting Started With Blynk On The Raspberry Pi 3+
Blynk is a powerful Internet of Things (IoT) app for iOS and Android that allows you to control your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or ESP8266 from your mobile phone. In this tutorial we are going to look at the basics of setting up Blynk for the Raspberry Pi. Unlike the Arduino platform, setting it up on the Raspberry Pi is a little more involved so we have made this handy tutorial to get you up and running in no time. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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