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Happy New Year!

As 2018 draws to a close, we leave behind a very exiting year at BC Robotics. New records were set across the board and a ton of exiting new stuff was added to the catalogue. To keep it interesting we were challenged by another postal strike and had an interesting experience running with minimal electricity for several days as a result of the “Solstice Eve Storm”. It was definitely not a dull year – and we are thankful for that!

For 2019 we have a lot on the go! As always, we will be adding a bunch of new and interesting bits and pieces to the catalogue. These choices are largely shaped by customer feedback; what to see more selection in a certain category? Let us know!

The website is always an ongoing project, this year is no different. Most notably we are unifying our credit card payments systems between the showroom and website. As a result, starting January 1st, website users may notice the style of the credit card entry form has changed slightly. We will also be working to improve search functionality, adjust the category sorting, and a few other minor features as the year moves along.

We gave workshops a go of it this year for local customers, but found timing these was difficult to benefit a large number of people. Instead we have turned our focus to something that can benefit a much larger audience. Our free online tutorials have been extremely well received. To further improve the experience our Tutorial section of the website is going to be getting a minor makeover to improve the mobile / small screen experience. Of course, we will be adding a bunch of new tutorials as well.

Before we sign off for the year; Quick Reminder: Our Boxing Week Sale ends tonight at 11:59PM Pacific Time – so be sure to check out the sale if you haven’t already! If you are looking to pick up new toys for the new year – now is the time!

Thank you for all of your support, comments, interest, and feedback this year. BC Robotics wouldn’t be what it is now without all of you. Happy New Year & All the best in 2019!

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