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New Product Roundup – December 16th to December 22nd

This is it – the last New Product Roundup of 2018! After this we will be taking a short break over the holidays; back at it in the start of January. Also, during this time if you are planning to stop by the showroom, please note our special Holiday Hours.

New Products
Ok so what new stuff have we added? Well, this week we have a new 300 pack of assorted bright LEDs in 3mm and 5mm. We also have a small reflectance sensor, a new set of Flush Cutters, and a tiny camera for the Raspberry Pi Zero.

Product Of The Week
Product of the week is our Small Arcade Joystick – these are 15% Off until Friday at Midnight – so don’t miss out!

Also, Don’t forget, our annual Boxing Week Sale starts online on December 25th at 9PM Pacific time. The sale runs through to December 31st at midnight. So stock up on all those bits and pieces you need for your winter projects!

LED Multipack – 300 Pieces

Need a bunch of LEDs for experimenting or building a brightly lit project? This 300 pack of bright LEDs will ensure you don’t run out! The kit has 5 different colors of fairly bright LED in two different sizes (3mm and 5mm). The LEDs are breadboard friendly, easy to work with, and come in a fancy storage case.

CNY70 Reflectance Sensor

The CNY70 is a simple reflectance sensor with integrated infrared LED and phototransistor. This all in one sensor can be used as a part of a line following sensor array, short range object detection, edge detection, and even as a part of an optical wheel encoder.

Plato 170 Flush Cutters

A nice set of flush cutters are a must have for assembling circuit boards – and always handy to have around! These Plato cutters are an economical choice. They feature a narrow cutting head, making them ideal for trimming in high density component areas. The jaw measures 11mm ( 7/16”) and will handle up to 18AWG copper wire (~1mm diameter).

Raspberry Pi Zero Mini Camera – 5MP

This tiny camera is perfectly suited to the Pi Zero! The camera features an OV5647 image sensor rated at 5MP and an incredibly small form factor. The camera itself measures 9 x 9mm and is equipped with the smaller style CSI cable found on the Pi Zero (1.3 and newer), so no adapters are required to use it. Because of this cable size, the camera is not compatible with standard Raspberry Pi.

New Tutorial!

Using an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor With Arduino
In this tutorial we will be looking at how to use an Ultrasonic Sensor to measure distance using an Arduino. These sensors are generally inexpensive, fairly accurate, and not affected by lighting conditions like infrared based systems. We will be looking at three Ultrasonic sensors, these are all code compatible but require subtle changes in the wiring due to differing pinouts. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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