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New Product Roundup – October 28th to November 3rd

Happy Saturday Everyone! We are back with our weekly roundup of new products and, well, anything else that is new here at BC Robotics!

New Products
We have added four new products this week. Recently there have been a few requests for pliers with finer tips, so we now carry the Xcelite Long Nose Pliers – these have fine serrated jaws and work well getting into small places. We have also added a few basic bits and pieces including a pre-assembled JST-SM connector set, a new type of 3mm LED holder, and another 7 Segment Display (common cathode this time).

Product Of The Week
This week we have our Simple Enclosure – Transparent Red on sale for product of the week. These enclosures are IP54 rated and measure 112 x 62 x 31mm – ideal for small projects that need to be kept protected, but won’t be under water.

Promotional Shipping
As some of you may have noticed, we have extended our Toonie ‘tober $2.00 shipping promotion. With all the uncertainty surrounding the Canada Post situation this past month, and the delays turning out to be relatively minor, we felt it was best to run a little longer so everyone can take advantage. The promotion now runs until Friday Nov. 9th at Midnight Pacific Time.

Alright, let’s go have a closer look at each of the new products:

Xcelite Long Nose Pliers

Pliers are a must when working with electronics. Whether you are using them to help get wires into tight spots in solderless breadboards, bending components, or removing tight connectors; a good set will make things a lot easier! These Xcelite Long Nose Pliers have a nice fine tip and a 1 3/16” serrated jaws. The grips are comfortable and they are ESD Safe.

2-Pin JST SM Plug + Receptacle Cable Set

This JST SM two wire inline connector set ships with both the male and female side of the connector pre assembled with 80mm leads. The wires are rated to 300V 22AWG and will handle a couple amps. Since this is typically used as a battery connector, it is keyed to prevent it from being reverse inserted. There is also a locking tab to prevent the connection from being pulled apart accidentally.

7-Segment Display 0.56″ – Red

This basic 7 Segment Display is perfect for displaying single digit numbers and even includes a decimal point. The LEDs in this display are wired to have a common cathode with individual anodes. The digit height is 14.3mm (0.56”) and the overall dimensions are 12.8 x 19.3mm (0.5 x 0.75”). The display is breadboard compatible and will slot right in across the middle of any standard breadboard.

3mm LED Holder – Plastic

3mm LEDs do not tend to mount nicely on panels or boxes – and that is where these fancy little LED holders come in! Simply drill a 6mm diameter hole and press this LED holder in place. The 3mm LED fits snugly inside the holder.

New Tutorial!

Getting Started With The Raspberry Pi Relay HAT
Our Pi Relay HATs are designed to allow your Pi to switch higher voltages and higher currents from one self contained board. In this tutorial we are going to go over soldering the header to the Relay HAT, use Python with the included Pi.GPIO library to write code that triggers each relay, and go over the external relay connections and configuration options on the board. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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