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New Product Roundup – February 4th to February 10th

Hey it’s Saturday – and the Saturday of a long weekend if you happen to be out in BC! This week we have added several new products including a new breakout board for the Onion Omega2 and Omega2+ designed and built right here at BC Robotics, a new case for the Raspberry Pi, and more! Before we take a closer look at each; just a quick reminder, we are closed on Monday for the BC Family Day Holiday!

680uF 25V Capacitor

Electrolytic capacitors are really handy to have laying around. Typically these are used for surge suppressing / transient voltages / filtering out noise at the ~1KHz or less. This specific capacitor is rated for 680uF and 25V with a +/- 20% tolerance.

Onion Omega2 Breadboard Breakout (Assembled)

The Onion Omega2 and Omega2+ can be a little more challenging to work with. To fit all of the IO pins in such a small form factor, the Onion had to move to a 2mm pitch, making them incompatible with a solderless breadboard. For those wanting an easy way to work with these on a breadboard, we have the solution! Our Onion Omega2 Breadboard Breakout expands the 2mm pitch pins of the Omega to the standard 2.54mm pitch pins of a solderless breadboard in a convenient form factor. Each of the output pins are labeled for easy hook up!

Raspberry Pi Case – Basic

Sometimes you need a plain case for a Pi – just to keep it safe. This basic case for the Raspberry Pi 3 is just that! It features access to all of the USB Ports, Ethernet, HDMI, Composite, Power, and the micro SD slot. The case ships in three pieces, a top, bottom, and end plate. The perforated end plate is removable if needed.

50mL Liquid Applicator

We use this little liquid applicator for all sorts of things around the shop – from flux for soldering to lubricant for 3D printers – it works great! The squeeze bottle holds approximately 50cc (50mL) and includes a fine applicator tip measuring 0.5mm inner diameter.


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