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New Product Roundup – October 1st to October 7th

We have a very focused New Product Roundup to kick off October. This week is all about Onion – we now have the Onion Omega2 line of simple Linux single board computers! The Omega is specifically designed for hardware applications – think of it as something similar in connectivity and programming flexibility to the Raspberry Pi with the power-efficiency of an Arduino. This combination of efficiency, flexibility, and connectivity makes it an ideal IoT board. Let’s go have a closer look at the Onion products we have added this week!

Expansion Dock for Onion Omega

The Onion Dock is the easiest way to get started with your Omega2 or Omega2+. In an effort to keep the Omega as small as possible, the Omega uses a 2.0mm pitch header rather than the standard 2.54mm of solderless breadboards – making connections a little more difficult for prototyping. This board allows everything to be connected up easily. The dock includes a USB host port, TTL Serial converter, Power Regulator, and GPIO breakout.

Onion Omega2+ IoT Computer

The Omega2+ IoT computer is Onion’s top-end Linux-based WiFi development board. It is easy to get started! On power up, the simple Linux operating system just starts. From there you can create programs in your favorite programming language to control IO pins host a web interface, and so much more! The Omega2+ features a 580MHz MIPS CPU, 802.11 B/G/N WiFI, 128MB of DDR2 RAM, 32MB of onboard flash storage, and a microSD slot on the back to increase storage.

Onion Omega2 IoT Computer

The Omega2 IoT computer is a slightly stripped down version of the Omega2+. The Omega2 features the same 580MHz MIPS CPU and 802.11 B/G/N WiFI as the Omega2+. It differs in memory and storage – the Omega2 has 64MB of DDR2 RAM (instead of 128) and 16MB of onboard flash storage (instead of 32). The Omega2 does not have support for memory expansion using a microSD card – making it a better choice where storage requirements are minimal!


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