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New Product Roundup – June 11th to June 17th

Welcome to another iteration of our Saturday New Product Roundup! This week we have just a few new products including new standoffs for the Raspberry Pi, another version of our 2 x AA battery case, and a tiny solar panel. Let’s go have a look!

Brass M2.5 Standoffs – Black Plated – Pack of 2

Sometimes finding the correct standoff can be a real pain! These M2.5 standoffs are the exact height required for most standard Raspberry Pi HATs. Each standoff is machined from brass and plated black. The between board height is 11mm with a 6mm thread on the male end; the diameter is 5mm. Each pack comes with two standoffs and 2 hex nuts.

2 x AA Battery Case + Switch – JST-XH Connector

This battery case holds 2 AA batteries and connects them together in series. The case fully encloses the batteries and features a simple On/Off switch. The output voltage with 2 standard AA batteries will be approximately 3VDC. The case has 6” wire leads, red being positive and black being negative, terminated in a JST-XH connector.

0.5V 100mA Solar Panel

This tiny solar panel will provide your project free energy from the power of the sun! The panel generates 0.5V at 100mA and is quite tiny, measuring just 53 x 18mm. Several panels can be combined to generate higher voltages or higher current. The outer surface is a hard plastic coating while the backing is a hard pcb material. Wires will need to be soldered to the solder pads on the back of the panel.


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