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New Product Roundup – January 22th to January 28th

It is Saturday morning once again! Time for another New Product Roundup. This week we have a few new components, a new set of crimpers, and a low cost speaker. Let’s jump in and go over a little more detail on each!

Hamburger Mini Speaker

The Hamburger Mini Speaker is a 3W economical speaker option for any project needing stand-alone sound. The Hamburger features a built-in lithium polymer battery for portable application, a 3.5mm stereo jack, and two volume options (quiet and loud) to control how loud your sound needs to be. This speaker really can’t be compared to a good pair of JBLs, but for the price point the Hamburger won’t break the bank for your next project!

Terminal Crimper – Dupont / Molex

Building connectors can be tedious without the right tools. These pliers are capable of crimping wires between 28AWG and 18AWG to a variety of uninsulated connector pins. We have tried these our with Molex C-Grid SL connectors and they work quite well. All you need to do is press the handles together with enough force and the pliers will release, once this happens you know your crimping is done!

4 Pin AMP Superseal Connector – Pre-Wired

Just like the 2 pin version released last week, these 4 pin connectors are designed to take the day to day abuse found in a dusty or wet environment. The secure locking tabs prevent wires from being pulled from the connector and the connector from becoming disconnected.

5V 5A SPST Breadboard Compatible Relay

Small relays are one of the easiest ways to switch high current or high voltage loads. These small SPST (single pole – single throw) relays are breadboard compatible and easy to prototype with. Applying 5V to the coil connects the two contacts, allowing you to switch high voltage and/or high current on and off with a very low power circuit.

Resistor Array – 1K Ohm x8

And finally, when you need a bunch of the same resistor in a circuit resistor arrays are a great option! This integrated circuit is actually 8 individual resistors rated at 1K Ohm and 1/4 Watt in one tidy package.


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