Voltage Regulator – Adjustable


Voltage Regulator – Adjustable


SKU: ELC-053 - Mfg Part Number: LM317T


A voltage regulator is used to reduce and regulate the voltage of a circuit. Components such as sensors and microcontrollers typically need a very specific regulated voltage to ensure accurate readings or stable operation. These simple low drop out regulators are perfect for that job.

This specific regulator has a variable output and will convert up to 40VDC to a regulated voltage between 1.2 and 37.0VDC. To set the output voltage these regulators do require a couple external components. Typically a resistor of a given value is placed between pins Vadj and Vo with a potentiometer between Vadj and Ground. For a wiring diagram and to calculate the resistor value please consult the datasheet below. Just like our fixed regulators, we do recommend using a few capacitors with these to ensure stability.

Please note: As the load increases towards the maximum rating on these regulators they do tend to get quite warm. The temperature increase is also proportional to the input voltage; the higher the input voltage the warmer this regulator will run. Basically, the higher the input voltage, the lower the sustainable output current will be. Heatsinks are always a good idea with these chips!


  • Voltage Output: 1.2 to 37.0V
  • Current Output: 1.5A
  • Voltage Input: Up to 40.0V


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