Voltage Regulator – 5V


Voltage Regulator – 5V


SKU: ELC-055 - Mfg Part Number: LM7805CT


A voltage regulator is used to reduce and regulate the voltage of a circuit. Components such as sensors and microcontrollers typically need a very specific regulated voltage to ensure accurate readings or stable operation. These simple low drop out regulators are perfect for that job.

This specific regulator will convert anything between 7.0VDC and 35VDC to a regulated 5VDC. These do not technically require any additional circuitry to work; when 7V – 35V is applied to the input pin the output pin will have 5V out. We do recommend using a few capacitors with these to ensure stability.

Please note: As the load increases towards the maximum rating on these regulators they do tend to get quite warm. The temperature increase is also proportional to the input voltage; the higher the input voltage the warmer this regulator will run. Basically, the higher the input voltage, the lower the sustainable output current will be. Heatsinks are always a good idea with these chips!


  • Voltage Output: 5.0V
  • Voltage Dropout: 2.0V at 1.0A
  • Voltage Input: Up to 35.0V
  • Current Output: 1.0A


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