VNH3SP30 Motor Driver Breakout


VNH3SP30 Motor Driver Breakout

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Larger DC motors require larger driver chips! This breakout board for ST’s VNH3SP30 motor driver IC takes care of all of the complexity when driving larger brushed DC motors. The board operates from 5.5 to 16 V and can deliver a continuous 9 A (30 A peak). It offers built-in protection against reverse-voltage, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, and over-current and makes a great general-purpose motor driver.


  • Operates from 5.5 to 16 V
  • Max PWM frequency: 10kHz
  • Logic input high threshold
  • MOSFET on-resistance (per leg): 34 mΩ typ.
  • Delivers a continuous 9 A (30 A peak)
  • Time to overheat at 20 A: 8s
  • Time to overheat at 15 A: 30s
  • Current for infinite run time: 9A
  • Over-voltage shutoff: 36 V min. / 43 V typ.


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