ultrasonic:bit Distance Sensor


ultrasonic:bit Distance Sensor


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Using a low cost ultrasonic distance sensor with the BBC micro:bit is a little tricky. Most of these sensors require 5V to work correctly (which isn’t available on the micro:bit) and when they are powered with 5V, they return a 5V signal which can damage your micro:bit!

The ultrasonic:bit solves both these issues and makes it easy to measure distance with the BBC micro:bit! To ensure the ultrasonic sensor gets the 5V power it needs, a small boost regulator is used to convert the available 3v from the micro:bit to 5v. The digital signal from the sensor is also shifted back down to 3.3V for safe use with the micro:bit.

We have provided clip holes for alligator clips and screw terminals for the connection to your micro:bit. 4 mounting holes are also available, just in case you need to keep it firmly in place.

The board ships fully assembled with an ultrasonic sensor. Simply connect up your wires or alligator clips and that’s it!

To use with MakeCode, simply add the “Sonar” extension and set the pins to match how you have connected it to your micro:bit.


  • Integrated 100mA 5V Boost Regulator
  • Connect with screw terminals or alligator clips
  • Integrated 3.3V Logic Shifting
  • Dimensions: 50 x 64 x 22mm


Getting Started with the Ultrasonic:bit – https://bc-robotics.com/tutorials/getting-started-ultrasonicbit-bbc-microbit/

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