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Ultrasonic Distance Transducer – HC-SR04


Ultrasonic Distance Transducer – HC-SR04


SKU: SEN-017 - Mfg Part Number: HC-SR04


Ultrasonic sensors aren’t a new invention; they use an ultrasonic burst to measure distance. The sensor is activated with a 10µs pulse on the trigger pin and output a signal proportional in length to the distance on the echo pin. Since the speed of sound is relatively stable, we can measure the time between the pulse and the echo to determine distance.

These are the simplest version of the Ultrasonic sensor we sell – they can achieve read ranges of up to 4 meters (walls and other very large objects) but tend to max out around 2.5 meters when the object is roughly the size of a person.


  • Operating voltage: 5VDC
  • Operating frequency: 40KHz
  • 15° Field Of View
  • Operating current: 15mA
  • Range: 2 – 400cm
  • Output: TTL level signal proportional to range


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