Ultrasonic Distance Sensor – Weatherproof


Ultrasonic Distance Sensor – Weatherproof


SKU: SEN-096 - Mfg Part Number: SR04T


Ultrasonic sensors are great at measuring distance; they have a much longer range than most infrared sensors and do not suffer from the same issues infrared sensors have outdoors. This sensor is very similar to those used on modern park assist modules in cars. The sensor portion of this module is weather resistant and has a long cable so the driver board can be mounded in a safe, dry, place.

Just like an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, this module is activated with a 10µs pulse on the trigger returns an output signal proportional to the distance on the echo pin. Since these are primarily used to look for obstacles in park assist systems, they have a wider field of view. These are most accurate under 3 meters but can detect beyond 4 meters.

Distance in centimeters can be obtained by using the following formula:
echo length (µs) / 58 = distance (cm)


  • Voltage: 5V DC
  • Range: 25 – 450 cm
  • Accuracy: ~0.5cm
  • Operating frequency: 40KHz
  • Current (Peak): 30mA
  • Current (Average): 5mA
  • Field of View: 50 degrees
  • Output: TTL level signal proportional to range


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