Thermocouple Type-K Glass Braid Insulated


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Thermocouples are great for measuring the temperature in situations where a standard temperature probe would melt! While most standard temperature sensors will allow you to work up towards 125°C, the fiberglass braid insulation allows this sensor to be used in temperatures up to 500°C.

The probe itself is not enough to read the temperature; an amplifier will be required to read the incredibly small variation in voltage seen on a thermocouple. With this probe we recommend using Adafruit's MAX31855 Breakout Board as it is easy to use and works great with the Raspberry Pi and most microcontrollers.

Please Note: There is a small piece of heatshrink on the end of this probe that prevents the fiberglass jacket from fraying that has to be removed when using in temperatures exceeding 250°C


  • Safe up to 500 °C (900 °F)
  • K type thermocouple with glass over-braiding
  • Color-coded wires
  • 1 meter long (just over 3 feet)


Adafruit Thermocouple Tutorial:

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