The Arduino Starter Kit


The Arduino Starter Kit


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Eager to learn about electronics and programming? The Arduino Starter Kit is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in these fields. An Arduino is a small electronic “brain” that can be programmed to do just about anything! It can be as simple as turning a light on when it gets dark out to as complex as a reading sensors and driving motors to control a robot – your imagination is the limit. The well written and illustrated 170 page workbook guides you through 15 fun projects, increasing in difficulty and expanding your skill set. By the end you will be ready to start building your own smart, interactive, devices. No soldering required!

The Arduino Starter Kit includes an Arduino Uno, a programming cable, a selection of 170 useful electronic components, and the workbook. The Arduino included in the kit can be expanded upon afterwards with shields, sensors, and other components – this isn't something that will be left on a shelf once the workbook is completed!

Projects Included

  • Project 01: Get To Know Your Tools –An introduction to the concepts you'll need to use this kit
  • Project 02: Spaceship Interface –Design to control panel for your starship
  • Project 03: Love-O-Meter –Measure how hot-blooded you are
  • Project 04: Color Mixing Lamp –Produce any color with a lamp that uses light as an input
  • Project 05: Mood Cue –Clue people in to how you're doing
  • Project 06: Light Theremin –Create a musical instrument you play by waving your hands
  • Project 07: Keyboard Instrument –Play music and make some noise with this keyboard
  • Project 08: Digital Hourglass –A light-up hourglass that can stop you from working too much
  • Project 09: Motorized Pinwheel –A color wheel that will have your head spinning
  • Project 10: Zoetrope –Create a mechanical animation you can play forward or reverse
  • Project 11: Crystal Ball –A mystical tour to answer all your tough question
  • Project 12: Knock Lock –Tap out the secret code to open the door
  • Project 13: Touchy-Feel Lamp –A lamp that responds to your touch
  • Project 14: Tweak The Arduino Logo –Control your personal computer from your Arduino
  • Project 15: Hacking Buttons –Create a master control for all your devices!

  • Features

    • Arduino Uno
    • USB programming cable
    • Laser cut wood base
    • 70 breadboard wires
    • 3 10K Ohm trimmers
    • Temperature sensor
    • CC motor 6/9V
    • Servomotor
    • 2 Photocoupler
    • 5 100nF Capacitor
    • 5 1N4007 diodes
    • 20 220Ohm resistor
    • 5 4.7KOhm resistor
    • Arduino Projects Book
    • 16×2 LCD
    • Solderless breadboard
    • 9V battery connector
    • 2 flexible cables
    • 6 photoresistors
    • 10 pushbuttons
    • Piezo
    • 5 BC547 Transistors
    • 3 100uF Capacitors
    • Transparent gels (Red,Green,Blue)
    • 5 560Ohm resistor
    • 10 10KOhm resistor
    • Tilt sensor
    • White LED
    • RGB LED
    • 8 Red LED
    • 8 Green LED
    • 8 Yellow LED
    • 3 Blue LED
    • H Bridge
    • 2 IRF520
    • 5 100pF Capacitors
    • 40 pin male header
    • 5 1KOhm resistor
    • 5 1MOhm resistor
    • 5 10MOhm resistor

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      Additional stock will be arriving in the next 5 – 6 business days. We accept backorders which do get first priority on new inventory.

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