Techspray #2 Solder Wick


Techspray #2 Solder Wick


SKU: SOL-016 - Mfg Part Number: 1809-5F


Techspray 1809-5F Solder Wick is rosin flux-coated Desoldering Braid. It can be used to help de-solder components from circuit boards, remove excess solder from connections, or general cleanup. Since this wick is coated in flux, it works very quickly! Once the wick is heated with a soldering iron, the solder underneath will begin to melt and flow into the strands of the wick. This spool contains 5' of wick and is a great companion to the Solder Sucker.


  • 5′ / 1.5m in length
  • 0.055″ / 1.4mm Wide (#2)
  • Static Dissipative Bobbin
  • Rosin Flux-coated
  • Great for SMT work
  • Exceeds MIL-F-14256, type R


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