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SparkFun micro:bot Kit


SparkFun micro:bot Kit


SKU: BBC-008 - Mfg Part Number: KIT-14216


Is there a better way to learn electronics and learn to code than with a robot kit? Probably not – robots are great! The SparkFun micro:bot is an easy to assemble kit that allows you to turn your BBC micro:bit into a wheeled robot… after all, nothing is more engaging than building your own wheeled minion to follow you around!

The micro:bit is already quite well suited for beginner robotics; it is easy to program, it has built in Bluetooth for communication, an accelerometer and magnetometer for navigation, and a powerful microcontroller… it just needs a frame to attach more sensors, a few wheels, motors, and it is ready to roll – and that is where this kit comes in! The easy to assemble chassis requires no tools and simply snaps together. There are plenty of additional mounting points on the SparkFun micro:bot; these can be used for servos, motors, additional sensors, and whatever else you may want to add in the future.

The included moto:bit control board takes all the complex wiring and circuitry out of the equation. An onboard voltage regulator powers the micro:bit, while a motor controller takes care of driving the motors. Standardized headers allow various sensors to be plugged in to further improve the capabilities of your very own robot!

Included Parts:
• 2 x Wheels
• 2 x Gearmotors
• 2 x Servos
• 3 x Redbot Line Follow Sensors
• 3 x Assembled jumper cables
• 1 x Battery Pack
• 1 x Shadow Chassis
• 1 x SparkFun moto:bit

Please Note: BBC micro:bit is not included.


  • Snap together assembly – no tools required!
  • Upgradable with additional sensors
  • 5 excellent guided projects in the digital experiment guide
  • Electronics require no soldering
  • Plenty of additional mounting points
  • Comprehensive setup and assembly guide


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