Soft Potentiometer Kit


Soft Potentiometer Kit

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A soft potentiometer is an interesting way to add an adjustable resistor/slide potentiometer to your wearable project. You can use it to adjust the brightness of an LED, or even use it as a sensor input to your Flora or Gemma. When the ring slides up and down the ribbon, the resistance from the end of the ribbon will vary from about 100 Ohms to about 8K Ohms.

Each kit ships with one ring and 50cm of the specially-woven conductive ribbon.


  • Ribbon Length: 50cm / 20″
  • Ring Diameter: 9mm / 0.35″
  • Resistance: 16KOhm/m
  • Ribbon Thickness: 0.6mm / 0.02″
  • Weight (ring): 0.6g
  • Weight (ribbon): 0.9g


Soft Potentiometer Hoodie:

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