SMT Breakout Set


SMT Breakout Set


SKU: BOB-033 - Mfg Part Number: 1230


Have you ever needed to prototype with a fancy new SMT chip? There are so many different footprints for basic SMT components that having the correct breakout board can be a challenge – until now! This SMT breakout set comes with 13 small boards that fit a variety of different packages!

Each kit includes:

  • Five SOT-23 (fits 2 x SOT-23 on the back, and a single SOT-23-5 or SOT-23-6 on the front),
  • Four SOT-89 or SOT-223
  • Four TO-252.

Each board has 0.1″ spaced holes. Simply break off a board from the panel, solder your chip to either side, and you're ready to roll with any standard solderless breadboard. We recommend picking up some 40 Pin Breakaway Headers to go with these!


  • 13 standard thickness PCBs
  • 0.1″ spaced holes


In stock (can be backordered)

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