Slip Ring – 6 Wire


Slip Ring – 6 Wire


SKU: ROB-086 - Mfg Part Number: SNM022A-06


This is a 6 wire slip ring, a remarkably simple electromechanical assembly that allows electronic signals to be passed through its rotating innards. Commonly, you’d find slip rings in wind turbines, radar antennae, or anything else that requires continuous 360° rotation while maintaining an electrical connection. This particular slip ring provides you with a compact body with gold-on-gold alloy fiber brush to plated ring contacts inside.

Each Slip Ring is capable of handling a continuous working speed of 250RPM, a current rating of 2A, and an operating voltage of 210VDC / 240VAC. We aren’t kidding about how compact this little guy is, with only and outer diameter of 22mm for the body an 44.5mm diameter flange, you should have no issues fitting these into your next project. Additionally, the 250mm stranded wires protruding from each side of the slip ring have a thickness of 28AWG while the whole assembly has a water protection rating of IP51 meaning it can handle dusty environments and light amounts of dripping water.

Dimensions: 22mm Diameter x 19.5mm Length w/ 44.5mm Diameter Flange


  • 6 x 28AWG Wires
  • Operating Speed: 250RPM
  • Current Rating: 2A per channel
  • Transfers analog and digital signals


Slip Ring – 6 Wire:

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