RF L4 Receiver – 315MHz Latching Selector Type


RF L4 Receiver – 315MHz Latching Selector Type




This simple 315MHz receiver works with our 2 Button or 4 Button 315MHz KeyFob remotes and makes adding wireless control to an electronics project as easy as possible! These work as a simple point to point transmitter, so no microcontroller is required. We carry three different types of receiver; this version is a Latching receiver, which means it acts like a selector switch – when the A button is pressed the first time, the matching pin goes high. When the B button is pressed it turns A's pin off and turns B's pin on. When C is pressed, it turns B off, etc. Only one is on at a time. If you press the same button twice, it doesn't turn that pin off. The receiver has 4 outputs; each button will react with its corresponding pin. Under ideal conditions we have seen this work up to 100 meters range!

The receiver has a total of 7 pins: 5VDC, Ground, 4 output channels, and another output pin “VT”. VT will go high if any of the channels are triggered and can be used as an interrupt indicator.


  • Up to 100 Meter range
  • Voltage: 5VDC
  • Easy to use
  • 4 Output Channels

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