Raspberry Pi Weather Board


Raspberry Pi Weather Board



The Raspberry Pi Weather Board is an easy to use carrier board / HAT designed to simplify the connection of weather sensors to the Raspberry Pi. The Pi itself is ideal for building a DIY weather station; it has built in WiFi for sending data, camera capabilities, and best of all… it can be programmed remotely – no need to stand out in the rain updating software!

But with just a GPIO header to connect to on the Pi, connecting weather sensors can be a bit messy – so we decided to design a board to make it a little more user friendly, while still allowing for some choice in sensors. The board adds a 4 channel, 12-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), breakouts for I2C, SPI, and Serial, an on board footprint for the Adafruit BME280 (Temperature, Pressure, Humidity), RJ11 connections for the SparkFun Weather Meters, a connection point for the DS18B20 Temperature Sensor (with onboard pull-up resistor), and a spot to plug in a Servo motor. There is also an extra RJ11 connector that breaks out the three additional analog inputs – these extra analog inputs could be connected to a thermistor, soil moisture sensor, or even a simple CDS photo cell.

Please Note: Sensors, Raspberry Pi, Enclosure, and HAT header are sold separately.


  • Plug and play RJ11 connections for SparkFun Weather Meters
  • Plug and play for the DS18B20
  • Servo motor plugin
  • Footprint on board for the Adafruit BME280
  • Onboard 12-Bit ADS1015 ADC
  • I2C / SPI / UART broken out
  • Compatible with Pi A+, B+, Pi 2, Pi 3, Pi 3+


Pi Weather Station Tutorial (Part 1): https://www.bc-robotics.com/tutorials/raspberry-pi-weather-station-part-1/

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