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0-100PSI Pressure Sensor


0-100PSI Pressure Sensor


SKU: SEN-068 - Mfg Part Number: MPX5700


This pressure sensor is ideally suited for measuring higher pressures such as those found in compressed air systems. The sensor can measure up to 101.5PSI with an accuracy of +/-2.5% and outputs an analog signal (0.2 – 4.7VDC) when supplied with 5VDC.

The pins are 0.100″ / 2.54mm pitch and will fit in any standard breadboard, perfboard, or protoboard.


  • 4.75V – 5.25V supply voltage
  • +/- 2.5% accuracy
  • 0.2 – 4.7V output voltage
  • 0 – 101.5 PSI range


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SKU: SEN-068.
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    This will work perfectly for my electronic boost control project 🙂

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