Passive POE Injector Kit


Passive POE Injector Kit


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This cable is brilliant for simplifying the installation of devices that require both power and Ethernet, but do not have the necessary hardware to accommodate this!

There is an official Power-over-Ethernet standard that allows devices and routers to activate a 48VDC power line on the unused Ethernet pins (4,5 and 7,8) but PoE is expensive, requiring a special router and then a step-down converter to handle the high 48V line

For DIY projects, you may want to consider using these cables instead. One cable (the injector half) has a Ethernet plug and port and a 2.1mm jack. When you plug in a power supply (say a 9VDC wall adapter), the injector merges the power adapter in so that pins 4 and 5 connect to the power adapter ground and pins 7 and 8 have the positive 9VDC. The other cable (the extractor half) does the opposite, splitting off pins 4,5 and 7,8 and bringing them to a 2.1mm DC barrel plug. You can then use the DC plug to power your projects as if it was connected directly to the wall adapter.

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