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NeoPixel Ring – 12 RGB LED


NeoPixel Ring – 12 RGB LED


SKU: LEDR-003 - Mfg Part Number: 1643


NeoPixels are extremely bright RGB LEDs that use a very precise single data line timing specific protocol. These are individually addressable and can be used to create awesome flowing effects and patterns using only a single pin on your microcontroller. These do require a real time microcontroller such as an AVR, Arduino, PIC, mbed, ect. They will not work with Linux based micro-computers (Raspberry Pi), Netduinos, or the Basic Stamp

This specific ring has 12 LEDs and can be chained to additional rings, strips or other NeoPixel arrangements. Just add power, ground, and a signal and you are ready to go!


  • 12 individually addressable RGB LEDs
  • Voltage: 4 – 7VDC
  • May ship with either WS2812B or SK6812-based LEDs
  • Dimensions: 37mm / 1.5″ outer diameter. 23mm / 1″ inner diameter
  • Only one digitail output required
  • Current: ~18mA per LED


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