Molex 6 Pin Housing – 0.100″


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Molex connectors are a great way to connect sensors and other items that need to be removable to a circuit board. This connector system uses a board mount header with a 0.100' / 2.54mm pitch, a matching connector housing, and pins that are crimped onto the end of each wire. The pins lock inside the housing and the housing fits onto the header. The connector is polarized, meaning it will only fit one way, and has a “locking ramp” which helps stop the connector from disconnecting unexpectedly.

This housing is designed to be used with the Molex 2600 Series Crimp Pins and Molex KK Series board mount headers. The headers are available in both 6 Pin Vertical and 6 Pin Right Angle configurations.


  • 0.100″ / 2.54mm “Breadboard” pitch
  • Polarizing Key
  • Great for making solid, but removable connections.
  • Locking Ramp


Molex 22-01-3067:

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