LTR – 301 Detector


LTR – 301 Detector


SKU: SEN-042 - Mfg Part Number: LTR-301


The LTR-301 is a very basic infrared detector. It works as a NPN transistor that is actuated by incoming infrared light. These can be used to make an IR remote receiver; combined with the LTR-302, this can be used to build a very basic object detection “gate”. Connected to an analog input on a microcontroller, the LTR-301 will output a variable reading based on the infrared detected.


  • Max Voltage: 30V
  • Max Current – Collector: 2.4mA
  • View Angle: 70°
  • Can be used as an analog input for variable readings
  • Max Power: 100mW
  • Wavelength: 940nm


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