L298N Motor Driver Board


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The L298N is a dual full-bridge high current motor driver. This stand alone board is designed to safely drive solenoids, relays, stepper motors, DC motors, and other inductive loads using TTL logic levels.

The board can be used to drive either a single stepper motor, 2 bi directional DC Motors, or 2 relays. Each channel is capable of 3A peak current, 2A continuous current, and if that is not enough the 2 channels can be paralleled to give you a single channel with a peak current of 6A, 4A continuous!

Please Note: When using this board with input voltages higher than 12V DC, remove jumper to disable onboard 5V Regulator and apply a 5V source to the screw terminal labeled “5V”. With input voltages 24V and higher we also recommend removing the 35V rated capacitor just above it.


  • 4A Continuous current (2A/channel)
  • 4.5 – 7VDC Logic Supply
  • 6A Peak current (3A/channel)
  • 5V — 35VDC Drive Voltage


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