IoT Power Relay


IoT Power Relay


SKU: OTH-035 - Mfg Part Number: IOTRELAY


This IoT Power Relay is an easy to use power bar with a few tricks up its sleeve. It is specifically designed to allow microcontrollers like the Arduino and single board computers like the Raspberry Pi to control power to high voltage devices in a safe manner. Unlike any standard power bar, this has a relay inside that can be used to switch the sockets On/Off. No need to expose any high voltage wiring!

Control is simple – the relay can be triggered with your standard 3.3V and 5V logic; in fact, it can be controlled with a lot wider range than that! Any DC input voltage between 3 and 48VDC or any AC input voltage between 12 and 120VAC will trigger this relay. No need to mess around with jumpers – just plug it in!

There are four output sockets on the IoT Power Relay. One of these outputs is a straight pass through – convenient if you need uninterrupted power. Two of theses outputs are normally off, and will toggle on when the relay is powered. The final output is normally on, and will switch off when the relay is powered.


  • Wide control voltage 3-48VDC or 12-120VAC
  • 400,000 operations at 12A
  • A 12A thermal safety circuit breaker switch prevents overloads
  • Single input signal switches all four outlets
  • Relay hysteresis and de-bounce protection
  • Optical isolation
  • 2 million+ operations at 5A
  • Mounting tab with two screw holes


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