INA169 Analog DC Current Sensor


INA169 Analog DC Current Sensor


SKU: BOB-012 - Mfg Part Number: 1164


Have you ever wanted to know how much power your project is consuming? This handy breakout board of the INA169 current sensing chip can tell you just that! The INA169 will handle voltages of up to 60VDC and continuous current flow of up to 5A. Simply put this in line with the power supply to your project and the breakout board will output 1V per Amp being consumed. Connect the output pin of this board to your microcontroller or single board computer’s 5V compliant analog input pin and start measuring!


  • 0.1 ohm 1% 2W current sense resistor
  • Up to +60V target voltage
  • Up to 5A continuous current monitoring
  • Analog output – 1V per amp
  • Uses INA169 chip
  • 4 x 2mm mounting holes


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