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Please Note: The following product has been retired and is no longer available. This page is still available for anyone looking for information.

EL Wire – Green


EL Wire – Green




EL Wire (electroluminescent wire) is a special wire that emits light when electric current is passed through it. The phosphor coated wire inside glows a little like a neon tube – but unlike neon tubes, this is flexible. Each piece of EL wire is 3 meters long and can be bent / twisted in fairly sharp corners.

This specific EL Wire glows a nice Green color. The pre-terminated connection plugs directly into the SparkFun EL Inverter (not included).


  • Length: 3 meters / 10′
  • Diameter: 2.3mm
  • Connector: JST PH
  • Plug and play, no soldering required.
  • Color: Green


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