Ultrabright Cool White LED


Ultrabright Cool White LED




Ultra-bright LEDs are useful in all sorts of applications! This Cool White LED can output 500-600LM in the 6000-6500K range. Internally these are a 3 series 3 parallel LED, meaning they have 3 parallel sets of 3 LEDs in series so they like ~ 9 – 12VDC.


  • DC Forward Voltage: 9-12V DC
  • DC Forward Current: 450mA
  • Intensity: 500-600Lm
  • Viewing Angle: 120°

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Weight 2 g


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    Picked tow of these up for a project. Extremely bright and very good quality. Ran for a half hour at 12v on a heat sink with no fan, no overheating issues so far. Highly recommended these.

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