Cable Carrier – 7mmx7mm – 1M


Cable Carrier – 7mmx7mm – 1M



This assembly of small plastic links is normally used to protect and organize cables. They are commonly found on CNC machines and other industrial equipment where cables are moved back and forth in a single direction. Cable carriers (also known as drag chains) are perfect for preventing lose wires from snagging or becoming tangled in machinery!

This measures 7 x 7mm internally and will fit several 22AWG wires. Each piece measures 1 meter long but carrier links can be removed or additional sections can be added to create the exact length required. End links can also be flipped depending on how they need to be mounted.


  • 7mm x 7mm internal size
  • 25mm minimum bend radius
  • 1 meter in length
  • Perfect for CNC and motion platforms

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