Atten 50W 110V Soldering Station – AT-937


Atten 50W 110V Soldering Station – AT-937


SKU: TOL-085 - Mfg Part Number: AT-937


This compact but 50W-powerful stationary soldering iron is a great entry-level soldering station. It’s not much more expensive than the chunky ‘all in one” irons, but comes with a separate power supply and pen on a nice, lightweight, flexible cord. The iron heats up fast and solders both lead and lead-free solder without issue.

The powering station is equipped with a temperature control knob lock. After setting the desired temperature, tighten the hex nut on the underside of the knob mount using the supplied hex wrench. Turn the nut clockwise to tighten the knob lock. The heater light blinks on and off when the iron tip reaches the set temperature.

The iron is compatible with all “Hakko style” soldering tips and includes a basic conical tip – great for through hole components. The included metal iron holder provides a safe way to put aside your soldering iron while still hot, and also includes a cleaning sponge with sponge tray. With proper care it will last for many years. Turn it off when not in use and clean the plated tip with a slightly damp sponge (no filing or sanding!)


  • Power Voltage: 110V AC / 60Hz
  • Temperature Range: 200 ~ 480°C / 392 ~ 896°F
  • Standard Tip: 900M
  • Dimensions (power station only): ~6.5″ x 4.5″ x 3.5″
  • Weight (power station only): ~1,092g / ~2.4 lbs
  • Power Consumption: 50W
  • Tip Leakage Voltage: < 5mV
  • Length (iron only): ~225mm / ~8.8″
  • Weight (iron only): ~52g
  • Includes Instructions


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