Adjustable 30W 110V Soldering Iron


Adjustable 30W 110V Soldering Iron


SKU: TOL-009 - Mfg Part Number: 258


Soldering irons in this price range tend to vary considerably when it comes to quality. When we first brought this iron in we were surprised at how well it worked! Arguably, this is one of the best “pen style” irons out there. This iron is a great choice for beginners and experienced alike, and will handle most light – medium duty soldering. It features adjustable temperature, replaceable tips, an LED power indicator, and even a decent heat up / recovery time.

The most notable feature is the adjustable temperature – this isn’t terribly common in pencil irons but it is quite useful. The adjustable temperature means you can set the iron temperature (roughly) between 500°F and 800°F (250°C to 450°C), a closed loop temperature control regulates the temperature of the tip. The handle has a power “on” / heater LED to indicate power and a small black dial, used to set the temperature.

This soldering iron does include a very basic flip stand, but we do suggest looking at our Basic Soldering Iron Stand. We also stock a few different replacement tips for this iron including the standard 1/16″ Conical Tip and the 1/64″ Conical Fine Tip


  • Fast heat up & recover time
  • Variable 250-430°C (500-800°F) temperature control
  • 110VAC only!
  • Phase controlled 16-30W
  • Replacement tips available


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