Adafruit Gemma V2


Adafruit Gemma V2



The Adafruit Gemma is a tiny wearable platform board with a lot of might in a 1″ diameter package. Powered by an Attiny85, this board is perfect for any small wearable project. The board features 3 digital I/O pins of which, 2 can be used as PWM and one as an Analog input. To simplify wiring, an on/off switch has also been added.

The GEMMA can be programmed over USB using a USB micro cable and the Arduino IDE, but it's not a fully 100% Arduino-compatible. The GEMMA does not have a Serial port connection for debugging so the serial port monitor will not be able to send/receive data. There are some things you trade off for such a small and low cost microcontroller!

Please Note: Some computers' USB v3 ports don't recognize the GEMMAs bootloader. Simply use a USB v2 port or a USB hub in between


  • 28mm diameter and 7mm thick.
  • ATtiny85 on-board, 8K of flash, 512 byte of SRAM, 512 bytes of EEPROM
  • Ultra low power, draws only 9 mA while running
  • 3 GPIO – The 3 independent IO pins have 1 analog input and 2 PWM output as well.
  • Easy-to-sew or solder pads for embedding in your wearable project
  • Internal oscillator runs at 8MHz
  • Programmable with the Arduino IDE
  • Hardware I2C capability for breakout & sensor interfacing.


Introducing Gemma :

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