5mm Infrared Emitter and Receiver


5mm Infrared Emitter and Receiver


SKU: SEN-121


This Infrared LED and IR Receiver are what you might find in a basic Beam Break Sensor. The LED is a 940nm wavelength LED with a forward voltage of 1.2V and forward current of 100mA. The IR Receiver is tinted and should be able to “see” the IR LED from up to 8 meters away under ideal conditions.

These are both in the standard 5mm (T1 3/4) LED form factor and can be mounted in our Metal 5mm LED Holders and Plastic 5mm LED Holders if needed.


  • Diameter: 5mm
  • Wavelength: 940mA
  • LED Forward Voltage: 1.2V
  • Length (Overall): 37mm
  • Max Range: ~8 meters
  • LED Forward Current: 100mA

In stock (can be backordered)

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