4 Pin F/F Jumper Cable


4 Pin F/F Jumper Cable

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Since not every board has the same standardized pinout, and repining cables can be a pain, we have found these cable assemblies quite useful. One end of the cable features a solid 4 pin female connector while the other end has 4 individual female connectors. These individual pins are very useful when connecting a breakout board to something like the Raspberry Pi, where power, ground, and data pins are scattered across the header.

The connectors are 0.100” / 2.54mm pitch and fit standard breakaway headers, found on just about everything these days. The cable is 27.5” / 70cm long and is made up of individual 24AWG wires.


  • Wire Gauge: 24AWG
  • Connector Pitch: 0.100” / 2.54mm
  • Cable Length: 27.5” / 70cm
  • Wire Rating: 90C / 300V

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