4 Channel Relay Breakout


4 Channel Relay Breakout


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Need to drive high current or high voltage devices with your Arduino or Raspberry Pi? This premium 4 channel 10A relay breakout board can handle it! Each relay has the Input, Normally Open, and Normally Closed contact broken out to a nice 5mm pitch screw terminal. The board uses high quality North American sourced parts, a locally produced circuit board, and logic that is a lot more friendly to common microcontrollers and single board computers. We built this board to require a HIGH input to ensure that under all circumstances the N/O contacts remain Normally Open – something many of the low cost relay boards fail to address.

Please Note: While this board is capable of switching higher voltages, please exercise caution. If you are inexperienced or unsure about how to use this product safely we recommend looking at the IoT Power Relay, which has all of its high voltage circuitry fully enclosed.


  • 10A/250VAC per channel
  • 3.3 / 5V Logic Level Compatible
  • Dimensions: 78 x 47.3 x 18.7mm
  • 8A/30VDC per channel
  • LEDs to indicate activated relays
  • 4 mounting holes



In this tutorial we will be controlling a 4 Channel Relay Breakout with an Arduino.

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    i noticed that this board has a header on one side instead of screws. does that header fit with the Molex 6 pin -> https://www.bc-robotics.com/shop/molex-6-pin-header/

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