32GB Kingston MicroSD Card Class 10


32GB Kingston MicroSD Card Class 10


SKU: ACC-041 - Mfg Part Number: SDC10G2/32GBCR


Adding storage to a device using a microSD card is very common these days. Whether it is a data logging shield, a fancy microcontroller, or even a single board computer like the Raspberry Pi; they almost always use the microSD format.

This Kingston 32GB Class 10 card is nice and quick – rated at 10MB/s minimum data transfer rate and capable of reaching speeds of as high as 45MB/s. The card is compatible with both microSDHC and microSDXC host devices and will work with every microSD based data logger, breakout board, microcontroller, and single board computer we have in the shop!

As of November 23, 2018 we are now shipping a faster 80MB/s CANVAS Select version.

Please Note: This card will not work with older microSD devices that lack SDHC support.


  • 32GB Storage
  • Minimum write speed: 10MB/s
  • Includes SD adapter
  • Class 10 SDHC
  • Maximum write speed: 80MB/s
  • SDHC and SDXC compatible

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

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